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About us

Ekaterina Kurchevskaya

     Welcome to our cattery!

     We are Olga Kurchevskaja and Ekaterina Kurchevskaja - mum and daughter.
We live in Moscow, Russia in different place. We love cats and breed British Shorthair cats since 1989 year and Selkirk Rex since 2003. (In 2010 year we stoped breeding Selkirk Rex).
Time to time we have got the British Longhair cats.

Our cats live in different apartments: with my family and with my parents and have enough places for theirs life and many love!

Here you can see how live our cats in our home and on the country if you visit our photogallery


     The colours we breed at this moment are: all solid, bi- and tri-colours, tabby without silver, cinnamon and fawn, red ticked tabby.

     Our cattery is breeder member of the Moscow club "Alians" (WCF club). Our cattery has breeding British Cats of GCCF and TICA (for selkir rex) standards. We work with English standards, because British breed was bred in England and still now the English catteries are one of best in the World. Our goal is to breed cats according to the official standard of the British Shorthair Cats.


     Our females have 3 litters per 2 years. The girls will have enough time to get in shape after each litter.

    When the kittens are 13 weeks old (16 weeks for abroad) , they can move to their new homes, they have 2 vaccinations and were treated for worms, have the indentification microchip, veterinary passport and of course their pedigree.†

    When a kitten is sold to another country they must also have a shot for rabies at 12 weeks and 30 days later they can go abroad, we only sell abroad to People and Breeders who keeps their cats at a friendly way, and we do not sell to caged cattery's.

    All our females and males which we breed with are tested for HCM, PKD (DNA), leukaemia and cats aids

    We are hobby breeders. This means that all money from selling kittens we spend for our cats


    The price of everyone kitten depends on his quality: pet-, breed-, and show-quality.

    If a kitten has to be exported abroad, those costs should be paid by the buyer.

    If you would like to have a kitten from our cattery, please, communicate with us by e-mail

Ekaterina Kurchevskaja


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